We offer support for business continuity

The new circumstances in which companies work in an emergency situation caused by the pandemic encourage a review of risk management processes and their development.

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Investment services Management services Communication services
Development of investment projects. Cooperation with investors and financial institutions Support of import and export transactions. Improvement of corporate governance. Development of products and services. Creation of motivational programmes for employees. ICT solution development. Development of corporate communication’s strategy. Ensuring cooperation with stakeholders. Realisation of programmes for corporate social responsibility.


Korporatīvā komunikācija

PR network Baltic ID starts up in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Today, on 24 November 2015, sees a launch of a new leading communication network Baltic ID, focused on strategic communication planning and everyday support to corporate, governmental and non-governmental clients in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania.

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Investīciju piesaiste

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Vadības konsultācijas

Digitization for Business Development

In July 2, 2015 were held an invigorating conference ''SME growth through digital transformation'' in Brussels. The conference focused on opportunities of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) more actively to implement information and communication technologies (ICT) solutions.

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