Digitization for Business Development

First of all ICT competence improve the financial-economic indicators. A more active use of ICT improves both business turnover and profit figures, and generate new jobs. This is an opportunity to strengthen existing business and to develop new business directions.

Reasonable use of ICT resources increase creativity and competitiveness, because developing a modernisation process we have an opportunity to assess the effectiveness of the company. SMEs must take into account that large companies increasingly use the ICT resources and, if SME will not engage into the transformation, there would be a threat to stay out of the supply chain based on the digital gap.

In order to ensure efficient cooperation with constantly evolving ICT sector, offering new services, it is essential to pay attention and use a standardized, interoperable solutions and technologies. Also, consumers who get used to certain digital and design solutions have to be provided with high quality services. Rare is the opportunity to create ''the first impression'' for the second time.

Companies should note that e-skills have become a significant measure of competence of staff. E-skills development and evaluation must be included in the recruitment and staff development plans to use all benefits of ICT service development.

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