PR network Baltic ID starts up in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania

Baltic ID teams up communication experts from communication agencies Baltic ID Estonia, Baltic ID Latvia and Gravitas Partners in Lithuania with the aim to provide together unique communication service package named Baltic ID for pan Baltic communication planning and implementation.
“Many international businesses see the Baltic region as one market, but everyday experience shows that simple copy-paste never works, you have to be aware of differences and similarities in each country to evaluate, plan and implement communication efforts successfully on pan Baltic level,” said Donatas Bedulskis, a partner and CEO of Gravitas Partners, that represents Baltic ID in Lithuania.
“We provide our clients unique methodology of communication solutions - Baltic ID’s communication package - specially designed to evaluate, plan, implement or measure the results of communication on pan Baltic level,” said Kristina Seimann, a partner and management member of Baltic ID (Estonia).
Chairwoman of the Board and owner of Baltic ID (Latvia) Elīna Egle says ''We see significant change in Pan-Baltic business practice and consumer habits. Growth is ensured by improvements of governance standards, process efficiency, export orientation and employee productivity. Consumers make choices sharing values companies prove and communicate. Baltic Id offers now essentially needed Pan-Baltic corporate communication approach. At Baltic ID we believe in growth through partnerships together with our clients. ''
The key benefit for the client working with with Baltic ID is the ability to "translate" similarities and differences between the three markets in order to take "apples to apples" business decisions in Estonia, Latvia and Estonia.
Baltic ID teams up more than 20 communication experts in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania including pan Baltic strategic planning expert task force. Each member has long term communication management experience on local and pan Baltic level.
Baltic ID (Estonia) is run by Kristina Seimann and Karin Väljamäe, who both have more than 20 years of experience in marketing and communication management in Estonia and on pan Baltic level. Kristina Seimann has worked as a communication manager for leading industries as Tallinn Dairy Tere, confectionary Kalev (Orkla) and Saku Brewery (Carlsberg) and as a marketing and communication manager for Nordea Bank, Viasat and has been a consultant for many public and private sector companies especially in relation with brand strategy in Estonia and in the Baltics. Karin Väljamäe has worked before as a managing partner and strategic consultant in communication agency Idea PR and managing director in communication agency Ots&Bros. Before she has worked for Tallinn City Councel and Ministry of Economic Affairs of Estonia as a communication manager.
Baltic ID (Latvia) was established in 2006 to support customers with skills and knowledge building networks, developing investment projects and rooting principles of corporate social responsibility in public, private and non-governmental sector. Baltic Id team shares experience gained while working in leading positions in the companies like Aldaris (Carlsberg), FR Dizaina Studija, Hansa Media, Employers Confederation of Latvia and Delna (Transparency International). Our latest clients have been IKIZ Construction (NATO supply), Riga City Council (strategy evaluation) and Termināls Vecmīlgrāvis (corporate communication). Baltic Id is a co-founder of business organisations Business Union of Latvia and Federation of Security and Defence Industries of Latvia as well as a member of CSR Latvia.
Baltic ID in Lithuania is represented by communication agency Gravitas Partners. Company was established in Vilnius in 2005 and provides communication services for a wide range of organisations in private and public sector, including Coca-Cola, HP, Barclays technology centre, Intel, Credit24, European Commission Representation in Lithuania and many more. For the last 4 years Gravitas Partners is among the TOP5 Lithuanian PR agencies in terms of revenue. Managing Partner of the agency is D.Bedulskis with 12+ years of experience in the field.
Additional information:
Kristina Seimann, Baltic ID (Estonia)
Mob +373 509 8692; E-mail
Elīna Egle, Baltic ID (Latvia)
Mob.: +371 29222267 ; E-mail: 
Donatas Bedulskis, Gravitas Partners, UAB (Lithuania)
Mob: +370 682 85728; E-mail: 
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