• While developing and implementing investment projects for international brands in drinks’ sector, for example, Pepsi, Vichy, beer: Guinness, Baltika, experience gained with investment projects and product-service development in the Baltic countries. Smart long-term investments managed while investing in real estate projects in Latvia.  Remarkable experience gained working in the framework of State President’s of Latvia High Level Group for Investment Attraction. In-depth analysis of national, municipal and private investment projects was accomplished and proposals made to the responsible state authorities to improve investment attraction in Latvia;

• Establishment of cooperation for a/s ‘’Aldaris’’ with it’s investors and financial institutions was implemented in the framework of shareholders of Baltic Beverages Holding AB, Pripps, Ringnes, Hartwall (now Carlsberg Group);

Import and export transactions made in ICT and entertainment sector, construction and transport services, and supporting military services;

• The experience in area of governance gained through five years while establishing Efficient Management Award of State Chancellery of Latvia and Employers Confederation of Latvia, specific criteria was established to evaluate state and municipal institutions as well as business operations;

Employees’ motivation programmes developed while creating an assessment system for the Award of the Best Employer of Latvia, cooperation projects managed with companies like Fontes and Hay Group Latvia, as well as developing IT solutions and developing employees’ financial participation projects;

ICT solution development experience gained creating customer management and communication-databases of Employers’ Confederation of Latvia;

Corporate communications strategy development carried out in JSC ‘’Aldaris’’, Employers’ Confederation of Latvia;

• Cooperation with important audiences for companies and development of corporate communications provided to largest industry leaders of Latvia. We offered public affairs with open, active and fair communication with public institutions decreasing regulatory risks for businesses;

Corporate social responsibility programmes offered to the leading companies on the basis of OECD guidelines and UN Global Compact principals while developing Sustainability Index of Employers’ Confederation of Latvia and Free Trade Union Confederation of Latvia.